About Us

We geek-out about Leadership.

Meet the LeaderConnect Team – a collection of individuals who spend each-and-every day thinking about what no one thinks about each-and-every day – Leadership.  We are consultants, coaches, and facilitators.  Unique in our individual styles, united in our goal of helping leaders and teams get a little bit better each-and-every day.

Workshop and events

Leah Clark


Leah Clark is an author, speaker, and researcher with extensive experience in leadership, coaching, employee engagement, and career development. As a leadership coach and workshop facilitator, Leah focuses on increasing self awareness, shifting mindsets, and providing a safe space for her clients to learn-and-apply new skills.  Leah is determined to make her content and delivery unique, memorable and fun.  She combines a focus on exploring both the competence leaders need to express with the connection they need to forge with the people they lead.

Scott Mason

Consultant and Coach

Scott has worked for over 25 years in the field of leadership development and corporate consulting. As a consultant and executive coach, he brings candor, objectivity, confidentiality, fresh perspectives, expertise, humor, and a breadth of experience in different organizational cultures, industries, and business environments. He is also a featured public speaker on talent management and leadership development at the Future Workplace, Chief Learning Officers Forum, ATD, NJ Organizational Development, SHRM, and others.

Kristen Bakalar

Consultant and Trainer

Kristen has worked in leadership development, human resources, culture, DEI, talent management, career development, employee engagement, and even held a short stint as a Chief People Officer.  She brings a fresh perspective, a human-centered mindset, an innovative spirit, and a synthesized and simplified approach to the work. Kristen has a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, where she focused her studies on adult learning, group and team dynamics, and executive coaching. 

Mike Aron

Consultant & Trainer

Mike has more than 20 years of experience in developing leaders at all levels across a variety of industries. He has made a substantial impact in organizations by building stronger leaders and teams through focusing on the power of shared knowledge and meaningful conversations. He has shaped leadership cultures through solutions that emphasize pragmatism and applicability, with facilitation and coaching that reinforce the critical nature of the connections leaders build with one another and their teams.

Chris Olex

Trainer & Facilitator

Chris Olex is a speaker, trainer, and facilitator specializing in personal, leadership, and team development. Relying on knowledge gained from all levels of the client experience – from client management to custom program design – Chris works in partnership with a wide range of clients to deliver thoughtful engagements. As a guiding principle, Chris invites individuals to increase their self-awareness through experience, dialogue, and reflection so they can more fully understand how they impact other people.

Tracy Machusak

Project Manager

Tracy Machusak is an experienced Project Manager with over 10 years of real-life experience, working with a variety of global client industries. Tracy collaborates effectively with clients and internal team members across a variety of departments to achieve overall objectives. In her project management work, she has become known for excellent decision-making and problem-solving techniques and the ability to apply them appropriately. She is also highly-motivated and a self-starter that can work independently while remaining engaged.

Bob Gabor

facilitator & coach

Bob conducts training and coaching in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, hi-tech, insurance, utilities, and finance. He trains supervisors, managers, and individual contributors in interpersonal and business communication skills. He also works with corporate trainers, sales professionals, and customer service personnel. Bob earned an M.B.A. from Northeastern University and a B.A. from Denison University. He is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC).

Kelly Ceynowa

facilitator, coach, & Consultant

Kelly’s experience stretches across sectors and industries. She has coached executive leaders through business pivots and career inflections, built and led new hire programs for cloud companies, designed leadership development programs at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, facilitated group coaching cohorts and learning experiences for veteran and emerging leaders at McKinsey, Delta, Deloitte, Citi, The New York Times, American Express, Conde’ Nast, Etsy, and more.

Jennifer Hartless

Senior Project Manager

With over 25 years of experience leading design, development and delivery of adult learning solutions, Jennifer is a passionate and agile leader who connects people, solutions, and performance. She provides innovative, impactful program management strategies and services. Jennifer is a certified Project Management Professional, and earned a M.S. in Applied Behavioral Science/HR Development and a B.S in Leadership, Applied Behavioral Science from The Johns Hopkins University.