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LeaderConnect’s Recent Blogs

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Upcoming Webinars

Leadership 2023:  Reigniting the Spark in Your Teams Without Burning Them OutEmployees are the heart-and-soul of most organizations. But what happens when that heartbeat gets a little quieter? And what is the result when employees describe their jobs as “soul sucking?” There is a malaise among employees that comes at a challenging time – a time when organizations need their talent to be energized about the work they are doing. To not only survive, but thrive, in uncertain times requires leaders who understand how to shift-their-thinking to support both performance and personal values. Let’s unpack what’s really going on and what leaders can do to reignite the spark in their people for 2023 and beyond without burning them out.
The “Red Threads” of Leadership Development – Critical Skills to Embed in your Leadership Training right nowLeadership development is a broad term that includes a wide range of topics and issues. And while a tailored approach to leadership development is best, there are several “red threads” that are most critical when leading people. These skills, when woven through a broader development journey, give leaders the essentials they need for success. Learn more about why no leadership training is complete without weaving in the mindsets and skillset associated with these four core ideas.
Bend, Don’t Break – Why Leaders Are More Stressed Out Than Ever and What They Can DoWhile being a people leader has always come with its fair share of challenges, the past several years have been particularly stressful. Much has been made of the wellness issues people face in a post COVID world. But leaders are people too and they’re stressed out. Turnover Tsunami? That will seem like nothing compared to the “Manager Meltdown” we are headed for if something isn’t done soon.
Join us for this webinar where we will unpack the things that leaders can do to take care of themselves so they can bend to meet ever changing demands, while not breaking in half.