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Connections between ideas, experiences, and, above all, people. 

LeaderConnect makes meaningful connections for leaders and leadership development professionals around the issues that matter most.

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Develop new skills and enhance your leaders’ ability to overcome challenges and reach goals through one-to-one coaching.

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LeaderConnect’s Recent Blogs

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Watch Our On-Demand Webinars

Stability and Agility: How to Lead and Make Decisions During Times of UncertaintyFrom new variants to supply chain issues to closed schools, disruptions can continue to come from all directions with increasing speed and frequency. But the frenetic nature of change doesn’t need to rattle leaders or their teams. The third in the Recalibration Series, this webinar supports individuals and leaders as they deal with ongoing and unprecedented uncertainty and change.
The Great Recalibration: How Leaders Can Address the Real Issues Impacting Their TeamsThe past two years have seen a shift in the way people view the role of work in their lives. But the Great Resignation, and the Great Reflection, were only the beginning. The bigger trend is the resulting Great Recalibration – an opportunity for people to rechart their course to find greater balance, purpose, or simply better working conditions. During this webinar, we will explore why the Great Recalibration is the real trend and what it means for your workforce.
All In: The Leader’s Role in Supporting Mental WellnessThe global pandemic and continued start-stop of a return to “normal” have been a perfect storm of issues resulting in significant stress-and-strain on so many. Concerns about how to keep ourselves, and our loved ones, safe-and-healthy has taken on new meaning. During this webinar, we will explore why mental health matters in leadership and at work.