Connecting leaders to new skills

Being a leader can feel heavy and complicated – but leadership development doesn’t need to be.  Our content connects social, business and economic trends with key principles of good leadership.  We capture the attention of your leaders, help them learn something new, and give them practical takeaways. 

LeaderConnect offers leadership development that connects leaders with new mindsets and skillsets…and with each other. And, our webinars are designed to convey timely information and education to leaders so they can apply new skills on the job for better results.

Why LeaderConnect for Leadership Development?

  • We deliver relevant and useful key topics in efficient, engaging and effective webinars and supporting tools (articles, conversation starters).
  • Our content is memorable and focuses on mindset shifts and skill development.
  • Webinars can be deployed stand alone or to compliment a blended learning journey.
  • We tailor messages to your organization.

Leadership Development

Growth Mindset

Growth mindset, trust, and psychological safety


Giving challenging and appreciative feedback


Helping people reach their full potential through mindful coaching


Understanding your priorities and supporting growth and development

Emotional Intelligence

Using emotions effectively to build relationships and deliver performance


Listening, asking questions, and responding thoughtfully

Empowerment & Delegation

Inspiring confidence in the abilities of others to get things done

Leading Through Uncertainty

Motivating and maintaining team engagement during uncertainty

The Leader's Role in Mental Wellness

Understanding your team's priorities and supporting their growth

Critical Thinking

Unleashing creative thinking and new ideas

Your Role as a Leader

Making the turn from an individual contributor to a leader of others


Developing trusting relationships and fostering psychological safety

On-Demand Webinars

Leadership Communication – Delivering Messages You Don’t Believe In

When people can tell who a leader is by what they say, and how they say it, it builds trust, motivates, and makes others want to follow them. Join us on June 6th at 12pm ET to explore the importance of authenticity in communication and how to deliver messages.

The Changing Landscape of On-Demand Talent

Business leaders and HR professionals will need to access talent without the full-time, ongoing expenses associated with new hires.  Watch this 45 minute on-demand webinar on where you will hear from human resources experts who have uncovered the secrets to adding to staff without staffing up.

The Critical Skills to Embed in Your Leadership Training Right Now

Leadership development is a broad term used to cover a range of topics and issues. And while organizations tailor their development programs to their unique needs, there are several “red threads” critical to leadership development journeys. Listen to this webinar to learn the four threads.