Connecting your leadership strategy and business strategy

An investment in leadership development is an important financial decision for your organization.  But it can be difficult to get support for training and development if your stakeholders can’t see the linkage between your leadership strategy and your business goals.  We connect your business strategy to your talent plan and your leadership development plan so it’s clear how investing in your people leaders supports organizational success.

Our consultative process

We keep our approach simple so we can move quickly to results.

Define – The challenge to be addressed and the key outcome of our engagement with you. 
Gather – Information relevant to the challenge direct feedback gathered through interviews and any available materials
Synthesize –  Key themes and the most critical takeaways from our data and feedback gathering effort.
Create – A roadmap detailing the what, who, when, and how of the desired change

Why LeaderConnect for Consulting?

We keep our approach simple so we can move quickly to results.

  • We move quickly to deliver a clear plan.
  • We know getting stakeholder support is critical.
  • We act as an extended member of your team.
  • We deliver results.