Webinars: Transforming Learning for Busy Leaders

Webinars excel as leadership development learning options by harnessing technology, enabling flexible access from any location, demanding minimal time commitment, and fostering a social learning environment. But webinars alone won’t transform good managers into great leaders. Webinars can, however, unlock new insight, inform, and educate. 

The key is getting learners to log in and tune in to each session. By thoughtfully and artfully designing webinars, it’s possible to create short, sharp, and relevant moments of learning – allowing leaders to find opportunities for growth and development in an otherwise hectic day.  

By following these best practices, you can create webinars that do more than work – they wow! 

Be direct – With most webinars clocking in around sixty minutes, there is little time to waste. Getting to the point with key messages is a must. Research shows that most employees want to prioritize growth and development, but time and competing priorities are the biggest obstacles1. Webinars can give learners a quick burst of development while not depleting what little free time exists in their busy days. Pique their curiosity and get them what they need without unnecessary extras. 

Use strong visuals – Getting and keeping the attention of webinar participants can be done in several ways. Focus on the visual element of your presentation. Are the images engaging, thought-provoking, and, perhaps, a bit humorous? Be intentional about the use of shapes, tables, and other images. Fitting the visual element to the content means artfully constructing what many webinar designers overlook. With each page and each image, ask yourself, “What is the precise point to be shared, and what is the best format for that message?” Attention to detail goes a long way when learners stare at their screens for inspiration. 

Leverage technology tools – Webinar technology tools such as chat, polling, and breakouts provide opportunities to include a social component to engage webinar participants. Learners have thoughts and opinions – and they want to share them. Millennials and Gen Z, current and up-and-coming leaders, are exceptionally comfortable using technology to like, comment on, promote, or crowdsource ideas. Meet them where they are by using the same tools to engage them in educational webinars. 

Stay at pace – Webinars with a quick pace acknowledge the reality that learners don’t need to marinate in every idea to take something away from a session. Posing a question, sharing a short anecdote, or providing a meaningful statistic can be ways to get the point across quickly. Staying at pace is also about reading the virtual room to know when your audience’s attention is diminishing and it is time to move forward to the next point. 

Supporting the growth and development of your employees is a way to upskill your talent and let them know you are vested in their success. When individuals feel they are learning and growing, they are likelier to stick around and contribute to your organization. Growth and development don’t need to be time-consuming and expensive. By embracing the art of the webinar, you can create quick, technology-based learning moments that capture and keep the attention of even the most time-pressed leaders. 

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