All In The Leader’s Role in Supporting Mental Wellness – YouTube

The global pandemic and continued start-stop of a return to “normal” have been a perfect storm of issues resulting in significant stress-and-strain on so many. Concerns about how to keep ourselves, and our loved ones, safe-and-healthy has taken on new meaning. Politics, global warming, economic insecurity – big issues that are increasingly amplified. As challenges mount, leaders and their teams, still need to show up every day and do their jobs. Under the regular stresses of everyday life, it can be hard to stay mentally healthy but current conditions make it even harder. Leaders don’t need to be mental health experts, but they can play a part in normalizing and supporting mental well-being in a healthy and productive workplace. When an individual has strong mental health, they are able to deal with challenges and be productive at home and at work. Leaders need to be a part of destigmatizing conversations about this critical topic.

This webinar will help leaders:

  • Discern the difference between mental health and mental illness
  • Recognize why mental health matters in leadership and at work
  • Understand the role of the leader in well-being
  • Recognize the way leaders can be “ALL IN” on mental well-being (Aware, -Listen, Learn, Inquire, Non Judgmental)

View webinar recording.

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